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150T float crane
Floating crane 》》Ship Sale
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Price RMB:   700 Ten thousand RMB Price USD:    130    Ten Thousand

Flag Country: China

Building Country: China

Main Engine Model:540x2

Generator Model:

Engine Power(Unit:Kw/P):

Size (Unit:m) : 56*18*

Depth(Unit:m): 3.5


Builded Manufacturer : china

Navigation Area: Local Sea

Classification Society(CLASS): ZC

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In 2002, the crane ship was 150 tons,

Length 56 width 18 height 3.5 coastal certificate

Two self-propelled ships with 6170 540 horsepower,

Main engine Zibo 6170 540 HP, generator 6170 600 HP,

Generator 6135 180 HP

The chater with crew price is 90,000 per month, and the sale price is 1.3 million

The project party is responsible for oil and water, hydraulic crane, diesel engine drive,

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